Let's meet Tanzania!

Welcoming family in the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro

In Kiswahili language 'tukutane' means 'we meet'

The goal of this website is:

People from abroad to meet the real Tanzania

  • The people - their hospitality, their authenticity and their pride
  • Tanzania's history, the culture and traditions
  • Its overwhelming natural life
Wherever you meet Tanzanians you are welcomed with 'Karibu!'

Opportunities to meet Tanzania

Tukutane Tanzania can help you

  1. organize a voluntary workplace
  2. organize a field placement
  3. organize a home stay in a guest familie
  4. organize your safari


If you like to support families living in poverty:

Anne Kuijs Stichting (AKS) is a registered charity foundation. With your donation we support basic education for children in Tanzania and Kenia, as well as care for children with disabilities.

For more information contact: annekuijsstichting@xs4all.nl

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